Juha Rintanen

_WAS5612Born 30.4.1983 in Hämeenlinna, Finland

Since his childhood Juha has always been intrested in anything with motor on it. Even before he got his drivers license he has been enthuastic about driving and building cars. Out of this passion he once started his career in drifting and the work has been paid of for sure.

Juha is a pioneer of Finnish drifting and every drifting fan from Finland remembers him from the first drift days ever held. By putting all of his time and assets to his sporting career he won his first Finnish championship in 2007.

In addition to competiting in the series Juha has attended in several international drifting competitions as well as many drift shows held in various countries.
Resumee includes the Finnish Championship, NEZ Drift Championship and the recent Drift Allstars European Championship!
He’s very well known and recognized by drift fans all around Europe.

Juha’s Race-car is built to very high specs and the car was even in the D1GP USA, one of the most powerful drifters in the series.
The car is powered by Toyota Supra twin-turbo 6 cylinder engine and is pushing over 700 horsepower and 1000Nm of torque!
Big power and light chassis guarantees a maximum speed and an awesome show of smoke for the audience to enjoy!

High goals and determination guarantees a great visibility in media to sponsors. So we highly encourage you to support the winning team!

Juha Rintanen